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Identify a Carousel Figure

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Image: Identification Project Photo

The NCA provides a unique (and free!) service to provide identification for carousel figures and other carousel items. The NCA ID team has provided identification for more than 140 submissions over the last 5 years!

Photos for some of the more interesting identification projects will be posted on our identification project web page.

If you have a carousel figure or item (or even a complete carousel) that you would like to have identified, Click on this link to begin your request.

When you request an identification, you will receive email with instructions on the information that we require to continue with your request.

  • Photos
    The photos that you submit should be taken from as many angles as possible. Photos of carousel figures from only one side of the figure, photos that are obscured by storage items, photos that are washed out by bright sunlight from a nearby window, and other photos that fail to provide a good overall representation of the figure are generally not sufficient for identification purposes.

  • Background Information
    Include as much information as you can about the carousel figure. Information such as the place where it was obtained, the park or location it came from, whether or not it has been restored, if it is in original condition, and any other information can help speed up the identification process.

  • Getting your reply
    Normally, only the manufacturer of the carousel horse or item, perhaps the style or name of the figure, and the approximate year it was created can be provided.

    No valuations will be given!

  • Payment
    There is no fee for this service, but a donation to the NCA Preservation Fund would be appreciated. Donations should be sent to:

    National Carousel Association
    c/o Bette Largent
    10009 N. Moore
    Spokane, WA 99208

    To learn more about carousels and help preserve those remaining, we invite you to become a member of the NCA.

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Carousel Support and Information: National Carousel Association

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