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The NCA Preservation Fund was established in 1988 to insure that today's historic carousels will be available for future generations. Every year a number of carousels benefit from our grant program. The NCA Preservation Program has assisted with mechanical repairs, carousel and building refurbishment, repaint, and even new horse tails.

Information about applying for a grant is Available Here.

Our grant program is now 24 years old. Please take a minute to look through this list of grants distributed by the NCA in just the last decade. It's quite likely that you've ridden one of these historic carousels or visited one of the locations that our grant money has helped to keep in operation.

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  • Roseneath Fairgrounds - Roseneath, ON
    1906 3-Row Parker
    This carousel received a grant toward a lighting project project on their rounding boards. The funds from the NCA will go directly towards payment of supplies consisting of wiring, 64 outlets, and colored bulbs for the screen panels and rounding boards.

  • Windmill Island Municipal Park - Holland, MI
    c.1908 2-Row DeBoer Bros. (Dutch) Kiddie
    These grants from the NCA will be used to restore two carousel animals back to their original beauty.

  • Cleveland’s Euclid Beach Park Carousel Society - Cleveland, OH
    1910 4-Row PTC #19
    The Euclid Beach Carousel received a grant to be used for its carousel restoration project. Specifically, the money was earmarked for the rstoration of its gazing benches and outer rounding boards.

  • Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum - North Tonawanda, NY
    1916 3-Row Allan Herschell #1 Special
    This grant will be used to retore and paint one middle row and two inside row horses on their 1916 Allan Herschell carousel.

  • North Park - Story City, IA
    Story City Carousel
    1913 2-Row Herschell-Spillman menagerie
    This grant will go toward a paint restoration and touch up project on the carousel. The carousel was restored in 1982 and is showing some wear to the paint, althugh no major repair work needs to be done to the animals.

  • Willowbrook Park - Staten Island, NY
    The Carousel For All Children
    1997 3-Row Carousel Works
    This grant was given to be used for handicap accessablity and for band organ repairs.

  • Conneaut Lake Park - Conneaut Lake, PA
    1905 3-Row D.C. Muller/T.M. Harton
    This carousel received a grant to update the original wiring in their historic carousel building. This grant was matched by the institution, and the electrician donated 50% of the labor to complete the wiring!

  • Bushnell Park - Hartford, CT
    1914 3-Row Stein & Goldstein
    The Bushnell Park carousel received a grant to be used to restore two chariots. Half of the grant money was made available at the start of the project, the other half will be paid when the Bushnell Park carousel submits an article about this project for publication in the Merro-Go-Roundup.

  • Pottstown Carousel - Pottstown, PA
    1905 3-Row PTC
    Funds were granted to purchase roped brass tubing. This will include all floor rods, poles for both jumpers and standers (50 figures), as well as rods to cover the diagonal supports. Also, the grant would cover the polishing. Volunteers will cut the brass and put it on the mechanism.

  • The Albany Carousel - Albany, OR
    1909 3-Row Dentzel Frame/New Carvings
    This grant was used to assist with the purchase of a slip ring assembly. The Dentzel mechanism was originally donated to the NCA by the Dentzel family and was then donated to the Albany Carousel project. The project will include a Dentzel museum.

  • Mitchell Park - Greenport, NY
    Northrop-Grumman Carousel
    1920 3-Row Herschell-Spillman
    Funds were granted to the Greenport carousel for lighting restoration.

  • Benkelman Park - Benkelman, NE
    1942 2-Row Allan Herschell
    The NCA provided a matching grant to begin restoration of a 1942 Allan Herschell half and half carousel (the horses are half wood and half metal).

  • Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum - North Tonawanda, NY
    1916 3-Row Allan Herschell #1 Special
    A grant from the NCA helped to restore three horses on this carousel.

  • The Farmers’ Museum - Cooperstown, NY
    Empire State Carousel
    1940's 3-Row Allan Herschell
    The Empire State Carousel used their grant from the NCA to purchase a horse that was original to their carousel, which is otherwise populated with newly carved figures.

  • Meadowlake Park - Enid, OK
    Meadowlake Park Carousel
    1949 3-Row Allan Herschell MG36
    This carousel received a matching grant from the NCA to restore and replace missing figures on a half and half (half wood, half metal) carousel.

  • Camp Aldersgate - Little Rock, AR
    1940's 3-Row Allan Herschell
    This grant was used to assist in repainting the figures on this newly gifted carousel.

  • C.W. Parker Carousel Museum - Leavenworth, KS
    1913 2-Row Parker #118
    The C.W. Parker Carousel Museum used this grant for nylon greaseless bearings between the horse hooks and the crankshafts to reduce wear and squeaking on this carousel.

  • Fireman's Park - Waterloo, WI
    Waterloo Carousel
    1911 2-Row Parker #53
    This grant was used in conjunction with matching funds from FEMA to move the carousel out of a flood plain and to refurbish water-damaged wooden horses.

  • Three Rivers Carousel - Tri-Cities, WA
    1910 3-Row Mangels/Carmel
    The Three Rivers carousel used their proceeds to restore two chariots, one carved by Charles Carmel and one carved by M.C. Illions, and to convert them to be handicapped accessible.

  • Ferry County Fair Park - Republic, WA
    Ferry County Merry-Go-Round
    c.1895-1900 2-Row Armitage-Herschell
    This grant was matched with local funds, and was used to strip, repair, and paint two horses and touch up 21 others, and to sand and refinish the platform.

  • Sanitarium Playgrounds of NJ - Thorofare, NJ
    1928-30 4-Row Ferrari/Heyn
    The leather stirrup straps were replaced with this grant.

  • Chahinkapa Zoo - Wahpeton, ND
    Prairie Rose Carousel
    1926 2-Row Spillman Engineering
    The grant funded to the Prairie Rose Carousel was used toward the restoration of the paintings on the rounding boards.

  • Crossroads Village - Flint, MI
    1912 3-Row Parker
    Grant for the restoration of "National Velvet" and other horses on this C.W. Parker carry-us-all.

  • Jefferson County Fairgrounds - Boulder, MT
    Boulder River Carousel
    1958 3-Row Brill
    This grant funded the replacement of wooden rounding board elements on this 1958 hand-cast carousel.

  • C.W. Parker Carousel Museum - Leavenworth, KS
    1913 2-Row Parker #118
    Emergency repairs were completed on the carousel and band organ mechanism with this grant.

  • Oaks Amusement Park - Portland, OR
    1911? 3-Row Herschell-Spillman menagerie
    This menagerie carousel received the Bollinger Award grant for restoration of the machine.

  • The Carousel of Happiness - Nederland, CO
    1910 2-Row Looff Frame/New Carvings
    The Carousel of Happiness received this grant for restoration of the original paintings on its rounding boards. The rounding boards came from a 1910 Dolle-Carmel carousel that originally operated in Silver Beach, Michigan.

  • Eldridge Park - Elmira, NY
    3-Row Orig Frame/New Figures
    The grant to Eldridge Park was used for restoration of one of the two Looff figures original to the machine. Other figures on this machine are newly carved.

  • Wilhelmsbad Karussell - Hanau, Germany
    1780 building and mechanism with 1896 Friedrich Heyn/Carl Mueller figures
    Matching funds were made available for the restoration of this historically significant German carousel.

  • New Orleans City Park - New Orleans, LA
    1906 3-Row Bartholomew Murphy
    This special emergency grant was made available to the New Orleans carousel to repair the carousel's platform following damage by hurricane Katrina.

  • Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum - North Tonawanda, NY
    1916 3-Row Allan Herschell #1 Special
    This grant was used to purchase the original lead horse, King, to complete this historical carousel. The grant was made in the name of our good friend and long-time editor of the Merry-Go-Roundup, Cyndy Hanks.

  • The Carousel of Happiness - Nederland, CO
    1910 2-Row Looff Frame/New Carvings
    A grant was made to contribute to the restoration of the original 1910 Looff mechanism.

  • Paragon Carousel - Hull, MA
    1928 4-Row PTC #85
    Emergency repairs were completed on the mechanism with this grant.

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