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The NCA Proudly Presents:
Jubilee Steam Gallopers
John Carter's Steam Fair
London, England
Made by Tidman, c. 1895
Presentation courtesy of Gary Nance

Carter's Steam fair is a travelling fair in the area of London, England. In addition to the steam gallopers (the English equivalent to a carousel), this fair features a 1921 Steam Yachts ride, a c. 1910 juvenile dobbie ride and many other antique rides.

In British tradition, all of the horses on these rides have names, which are displayed proudly on their necks. The horses were named for members of the Carter familiy and for the workers who travel with the steam fair. From Amber to Zed, you'll find them here!

The steam fair is transported between locations with a fleet of antique trucks, all painted to match the decor of Carter's Steam Fair!
Jubilee Steam Gallopers
John Carter's Jubilee Steam Gallopers
Rounding Boards
Amber, Lewis and Amy
Frank, Katy and Ben
Miranda, Mary and Sam
Stan, Nobby and Georgia
Mermaid Chariot
Centre Engine - Anna
Gavioli Band Organ
Toy Town Ride
Little Rosie
Dobbie Ride
Green Centaur and Cockerel
Green Chariot
Pig and Daisy
Red Centaur and Cockerel
Victory Dive Bomber
Steam Yachts
Yacht Engine
Chiappa Fair Organ
Anna Carter's Living Van

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