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The NCA Proudly Presents:
de Eftling Park Carousel
de Efteling
Kaatsheuvel, The Netherlands
Made by various, c1903
Presentation courtesy of Brian Steptoe

Efteling Park salon carousel

The salon ‘steam’ carousel at the Efteling Amusement Park in Kaatsheuvel, Holland is one of only three or four of these rides that still exist today. It has been at the park since 1956 after a long travelling life dating back to about 1903. It was originally turned by steam power and is still called a steam carousel because the steam engine remains with the ride, although no longer operational.

This example is unique because it includes the salon carousel front facade and statuary, a large tented enclosure, and the original engine, horses and rocking gondolas are still on the carousel. It now also incorporates items from a number of different attractions – including panels and Egyptian Princess statues from a Sipkema salon carousel and a top statue from Benner’s bioscope show.

The ride was owned by the Janvier family, who were well-known major Dutch travelling showmen. It first appeared at the 1903 fair at Bergen op Zoom under the ownership of Hendrik Janvier. It was passed to his son Laurens Janvier on his marriage in 1919. He travelled this ride until the 1940s and it made occasional later appearances, the last being in 1953. The Janvier family would employ over twenty staff and servants and it would take about four days to build up the ride. It is believed that this salon carousel was built up over 1000 times during its travelling life.

The facade is approximately 90 foot wide and 28 foot high. This originally came from a travelling bioscope show. It has been repainted with different scenes over its life, most recently at Efteling in 2000. There are 22 horses carved by Hübner of Germany and gondolas and coaches carved by Moulinas of Belgium. There are also two pigs each with a carved clown thumbing his nose at the riders behind. These are from the Karl Müller German workshop.

There is a Gavioli organ dating from 1895 at the centre of the ride. Unusually for European carousels, the ride rotates in the English direction. The (non-working) steam engine also dates from 1895 and was built by König under license from Savages. Paintings on the inside gallery wall of the salon are by Andreas Giezen and are thought to be the earliest painted artwork there now is with the ride.
Efteling facade
Efteling Sign
Efteling carousel
Efteling bar area
Efteling salon carousel bar
Efteling riders on horses
Efteling horse rider
Efteling pig and clown
Efteling Clown
Efteling horses and coach
Efteling gondola and railings
Efteling gondola detail
Efteling gondola riders 2
Efteling gondola riders
Efteling gondola and railings 2
Efteling horses
Efteling on a Pig
Efteling riders on pig
Efteling centre engine
Efteling Giezen painting
Efteling organ

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