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The 2009 NCA Technical Assistance Conference

Carousels on the Bay

by Dennis Towndrow

Once again the National Carousel Association Technical Conference was an extremely valuable resource for ideas and assistance to those involved in the day-to-day operations of their carousel, as well as those just interested in helping any way they can to insure the longevity of their favorite machines.

Did you miss out on this year's conference? Take time to check out the links found here for more on the information covered.

Here are some of the highlights!

Day Minus One
Attendees meet and greet each other on day minus one.
Boarding the Bus
Attendees board bus on day one
Riding the Bus
Attendees ride bus to Cedar Point
Johnny Rockets
Even though the park was closed, Johnny Rockets' staff
put on a show for our small group of forty-some

Cedar Point's D.C. Muller Carousel
Jo Downey and Charlie Jacques on Cedar Point's
c. 1912 D.C. Muller carousel.

Cedar Point
Attendees arrive at Cedar Point
Cedar Point's Dentzel
Mark Chester and Gary Nance on Cedar Point's 1921 Dentzel
Cedar Point's Prior and Church Racing Derby
Cliff Black, Sharon Black, and Melba Clapp on
Cedar Point's c. 1921 Prior & Church Racing Derby

More information on Cedar Point is available

Schoepfle Gardens
This Theel carousel in the Schoepfle Gardens, just outside
Sandusky, was actually purchased on eBay.
We all gathered around and talked about how
awesome it would be to have one
in our own garden


Day Two
Vicki VandenBout Welcomes Attendees
Vicki VandenBout
welcomes attendees to
this year's technical
John Lippus talks about the Main Street program
John Lippus talks about
how the Main Street
program can help our
Learn More . . .
Kate Blakely and David G. Brown Present Promotional Ideas
Kate Blakely, Carousel Works & David G. Brown, video producer
share some excellent promotional ideas to bring in customers
Margaret Franklin shares her ideas
Margaret Franklin sharing
some of her ideas with us.
Bill Loudenslager demonstrates child education programs
Bill Loudenslager
demonstrating child
education programs.
More . . .
Joyce Leimbach shares her event and fundraising experiences
Joyce Leimbach shared her
experiences when doing a
large scale event and
tips on fundraising.
Learn More . . .
The Crystal Beach family
The "Crystal Beach"
family talk about their
memories of growing up in
a popular amusement park.
Memories of Crystal Beach
Elva Brodnick Rich Wickens
Elva Brodnick and Rich Wickens update us
on the efforts to find PTC #19 a home.
Learn more at
Promotional Ideas

The conference then moved from the hotel to the Merry-Go-Round
Museum, where the women seemed to gravitate toward the gift
shop round table (above), and the men find a place at the
carousel maintenance seminar (below)

Promotional Ideas
Thanks, Vicki!
NCA Vice President Jo Downey presenting
Vicki VandenBout with a "thank You for Hosting"
plaque to go in the museum.

Thanks Vicki for all your hard
work, and for putting on an awesome conference!

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