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The 2010 NCA Tech Conference and Convention

Carousels of Discovery

The NCA technical conference and annual convention were combined into one event in 2010. This allowed our members to attend both gatherings one one travel budget. The technical conference was held on September 21, with the convention following on the 22nd through the 26th. Here are some of the highlights!
Technical Conference - September 21 - Spokane, WA

"Wally" Walters explains the mechanical maintenance
schedule for the Spokane Looff Carrousel

Bette Largent explains the ongoing maintenance
for Spokane's carrousel figures.

Mike Jobe, a certified Washington State ride inspector,
tells us about ride safety and inspection.

Debby Dodson, Assistant Riverfront Park Manager, explains
ride training and other staff consideration for
the Spokane 1909 Looff Carrousel.

Back to the hotel for presentations
on souvenirs and ride safety.

There's always time for a ride.
Pictured: Jim Shulman

John Caruso goes for the brass ring!

Pre-Convention Tour - September 22 - Kennewick, WA

The pre-convention tour to Kennewick, Washington,
where the figures for the Three Rivers carousel were on display.
These Carmel jumpers seem to point the way to
the Foundation's website for the project.

These jumpers are three of the many original
1910 Carmel figures on display by
the Three Rivers Carousel Foundation.

The NCA Preservation Award was presented by Bette Largent to
the Three Rivers Carousel board. Pictured:
Phil Slusser, Christi Watts, Ken Johanning,
and Tom Thornton.

The Washington State Cougar
This figure was carved by local carver,
Mike Thornton, of Kennewick.
It was painted by Sue Wilson Baldwin

The University of Washington Husky
The Husky was carved by the Missoula Carving
Volunteers and painted by Bette Largent.
Each year the Huskies and Cougars compete in the
Washington State Apple Cup. The winning figure will wear an apple around its neck as a trophy until the next Apple Cup is played.

Convention Day 1 - September 23 - Missoula, MT and Helena, MT

Lunch on the outdoor patio was provided
at A Carousel for Missoula

Columbia Belle, the lead horse on A Carousel for Missoula.
This horse has two antique jewels on its bridle,
donated to the project by Fred Fried.

A Dragon for Missoula, a brand new
figure on A Carousel for Missoula
The dragon was carved by volunteer carvers from Missoula.

A carved dragon by John Thompson dispenses
the rings for A Carousel for Missoula.

The Great Northern Carousel
Helena, Montana
The art work on the rounding boards is of an application
of fired opaque stained glass,
created by Helena glass artist Mary Harris.

A western big horn sheep with a humming bird
is part of the menagerie of Montana
animals on the Great Northern Carousel.

Alan Nicolson presented the story of the newly created
Great Northern Carousel, which became a family affair and an
important part of the Great Northern Towne Center.
Helena, Montana

Cutthroat Trout, another animal native to Montana

Day 2 - September 24 - Boulder, MT, Butte, MT, and Silverwood, ID

The Boulder River Carousel
Boulder, Montana

Bette Largent presents an NCA Preservation Award
to Marilyn McCauley, vice president of the Boulder River Carousel,
and Jim Stout.

The Boulder River Carousel
Boulder, Montana
When you move a carousel in Montana,
all it takes is high-capacity crane!

The horses on the Boulder River Carousel
were cast from aluminum by Boulder volunteers.

The Spirit of Columbia Gardens
Butte, Montana

Rounding Board and Horses ready to gallop!

The Columbia Gardens carving shop is
open to visitors.

This is the only horse that survived the
Columbia Gardens fire in the 70s

Celtic Dream and Hope
Two of the newly carved horses for the
Spirit of Columbia Gardens Carousel

Board Member Charles Crawford enjoying the toys at a rest stop

The Silverwood Carousel
Athol, Idaho

Silverwood transforms into Scarywood for Halloween!

Bette Largent presents an NCA Preservation Award
to Nancy DiGiammarco, general sales manager at Silverwood.

Thunder, one of the nicely painted horses on
the Silverwood carousel

Day 3 - September 25 - Republic, WA and Convention Dinner

Our trip to Republic took us by
Grand Coulee Dam in Washington State

Our dinner was specially prepared.
Pictured clockwise around the table:
Jerry Reinhardt, Marilyn Reinhardt, Rick Domaratius,
Christine Domaratius, Bill Sharkey, Rita Sharkey,
Jim Shulman, and Jackie Shulman

Bette Largent presents an NCA Preservation Award to
Art and Nancy Morris for Republic's Ferry County Merry-Go-Round

Western bluegrass music was provided by Stoney River.

Attending NCA Board members:
Vicki Vanden Bout, Charles Crawford, Bette Largent,
Jo Downey, Linda Allen, Nancy Morris, and Gary Nance

Jerry Reinhardt in his auctioneer attire.

Convention coordinaters Don ane Bette Largent
are presented with a book of carousel memories.

Margaret Franklin models her carousel hat
at the convention dinner!

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