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The 2011 NCA Technical Assistance Conference

Springtime in Pasadena

by Eric Pahlke

The 2011 NCA Technical Conference was held in Pasadena, California on April 29 through May 1.

The extended weekend included field trips to the LA County Arboretum to listen to band organs, to Griffith Park and Santa Monica Pier to ride carousels, and to Rol and Jo Summit's house to view their collection.

The technical sessions included discussions on how to get a local community to support its carousel, insurance requirements, safety inspections, running a gift shop, and how to publish a book about carousels.

Carver Ed Roth displayed a large wolf he is currently working on. Brian Morgan gave the keynote speech, encouraging researchers to publish their results. Thanks go out to Lourinda Bray and Roland Hopkins, conference co-hosts, and NCA Vice President Jo Downey.

Here are some of the highlights!

Participants ready for technical presentations, which were held amid Lourinda Bray's collection

Brian Morgan presents Rol & Jo Summit with gifts of appreciation for opening their home and presenting their collection to our conference

Betty and Charlie Jacques and Barbara Pahlke admiring Ed Roth's carving

Punched sheet music

Brian Morgan delivering Keynote Speech

Scott Ringwelski and Ken Kaszubowski riding the Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round

Scott Ringwelski Grinding

Sunday morning services at Santa Monica Pier Carousel

Conferees gathered at Santa Monica Pier Carousel

Adriana Roth, Santa Monica Pier Carousel operator, receives plaque of appreciation from NCA Vice President, Jo Downey

Ed Roth explaining how he carves a complex figure

Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round Co-Owner Rosemary West with a Charles Looff Jumper

How many people fit in a shoebox?

Listening to a German Band Organ at LA County Arboretum

M.C. Illions "Tournament Horse" from Stubbmann merry-go-round and elaborate second row stander behind. From the Summit Collection

Thanks go out to conference co-hosts Lourinda Bray and Roland Hopkins, NCA Vice President Jo Downey, guide and bus caption Scott Ringwelski, and all others who contributed to the 2011 NCA Technical Conference!

All pictures are courtesy of Eric Pahlke!

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