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The 2013 NCA Convention


The NCA convention for 2013 was held in Leavenworth, Kansas on September 25 through September 29. Here are some of the highlights!

Thursday - Abilene, Topeka,
and the Wizard of Oz Museum

We were greeted by the Good Witch of the North
during a surprise visit to the Wizard of Oz museum!

The Abilene Parker Carousel Building
surrounded by NCA Conventioneers

NCA President Bette Largent
presents Abilene Heritage Center director Jeff Sheets
with a 100 year award for the Abilene Parker carousel!

The Abilene Parker carousel is powered by
this steam engine

Tom and Linda Allen getting ready for a ride
on the Abilene Parker Carousel!

A Kansas Howdy from one of the Abilene Parker horses
with Melba Clapp ready for her ride

NCA vice president elect Vickie Stauffer and John Caruso
on the Abilene Parker Carousel

The Gage Park Carousel
in Topeka, Kansas

Rita and Bill Sharkey on the Gage Park carousel

NCA Members waiting for the next ride
on the Topeka Carousel

NCA member Anne Stauffer,
Kansas Governor Sam Brownback,
and NCA president Bette Largent

Friday - Kansas City Zoo, Worlds of Fun,
and K.C. Royals Stadium

The Kansas City Zoo Carousel Building

Bette Largent presents a commerative plaque to Randy Wisthoff
at the Kansas City Zoo Carousel

Noel Hinde on the Peacock Chariot
at the Kansas City Zoo

The Illions Grand Carousel
at Worlds of Fun

A chariot on the Worlds of Fun Illions carousel

Dave Bywater of Worlds of Fun, Bette Largent, and Rol Summit listening to
Rol's stories about Illions

A row of horses on the Illions carousel at
Worlds of Fun

The carousel at the Kansas City Royals statium

Our group received a tour of the
Kansas City Royals Stadium

We stopped for a theater organ performance in Kansas City,
presented by musician Dr. Marvin Faulwell

New board member Jim Schulman tried his hand at roping a calf
after a barbecue dinner at the Benjamin Ranch.

Don and Bette Largent teamed up to milk a cow
after dinner on Friday

Cathie and Chuck Crawford won the milking contest,
shown here next to the realistic dairy cow used for the contest.

Saturday - C.W. Parker Carousel Museum
and Banquet

This cake was waiting for us at the Parker Museum.
Nobody wanted to be the first to cut into it though,
so it remained untouched until a tour group
came in the next morning and ate most of it

Linda Allen and Jean Bennett trying their hand
at cranking the NCA Primitive Carousel

Outgoing NCA treasurer Nancy Morris received a
carousel thimble for her service on the NCA board

Sharon Black received a jumbo ticket in appreciation
for her service on the NCA board

Outgoing board member Chuck Crawford received a ship's bell
in appreciation for his service on the board.

The Artizan band organ was in service at
the 1913 C.W. Parker carousel at the Parker Carousel Museum.
The organ was purchased with funds donated by Melissa Etheridge,
who grew up in Leavenworth where her father was the band teacher
at Leavenworth high school.

A view of the 1913 C.W. Parker Carousel from the
upper deck at the Parker museum

The 1913 C.W. Parker Carousel at the Parker museum
features these three child-sized ponies

A horse on the 1950 Paul Parker carousel
at the C.W. Parker Carousel Museum

Don "Cowardly" Largent getting ready
to help out at the fundraising auction

The NCA Auction Crew, from left to right:
Rich "Tinny" Kenyon, Chuck "Scarey" Crawford,
"Great and Powerful" Jerry Reinhardt, Cathy "Dorothy" Crawford,
Sharon "Greenie" Black, and Don "Cowardly" Largent

Sunday - Breakfast and
General Membership Meeting

Nancy Morris received one of the coveted
NCA Brass Ring awards from Bette Largent
for her commitment to the restoration of her
home town carousel in Republic, WA

Rich Kenyon also received a Brass Ring award for
his commitment to the restoration of his
home town carousel in Schenevus, NY

Bill Sharkey and Don Largent tell us about the 2014 convention
to be held in Long Island and New York City!

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