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If you have questions about an order from our gift shop, or you have sent in your membership form but haven't heard back from us, or maybe you're a member who is not receiving your copy of the Merry-Go-Roundup, use the following link to email us with your questions. We'll get back to you within 24 hours!

Email the Hotline

Contact information for the NCA's carousel figure identification service can be found on our Carousel Figure Identification Page.


Archives Email

Census Email

Grant Chairperson Email

Merry-Go-Roundup (Our quarterly publication) Email

National Office Email

President Email

Webmaster / Photo Show Chairman Email


Beckley, Tammi Email

Denham, Monica Email

Farnstrom, Beth Gartner Email

Foster, Richard Email

Grasso, Gary Email

Shulman, Jim Email

OFFICERS 2022 - 2025

Patrick Wentzel Email

Vice President / Grant Chairperson
Tonya O'Connell Email

Executive Secretary
Karen VanSant Email

Recording Secretary
Kristen Berggren Email

Ward Bray Email

Census Chairperson
Patrick Wentzel Email

Webmaster / Photo Show Chairperson
Gary Nance Email

Conservation Chairperson
Tommy Forney Email

Past President
Bette Largent Email

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Carousel Support and Information: National Carousel Association

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