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The NCA Preservation Loan Program

In 2003 the National Carousel Association initiated a new project to help communities save their carousels, the NCA Preservation Loan Program. The objective of the program was to create a capital fund that could be loaned at low interest to a community that needed assistance in buying or returning their carousel if it came up for sale.

As the loan was paid back, those funds could be loaned again to another community. The program was later broadened to include helping a group trying to keep a carousel from being broken up by bringing it to a new home for the public to enjoy. Criteria for the Preservation Loan Program can be found online at

We have raised $54,000.00 for the fund but are aware that often more would be needed to protect an endangered historic carousel. We have the foundation for the project - it is now time to erect the "building."

If you are working with a group that is pursuing saving a carousel or moving one to their community, let us know! Jo Downey, chairperson of the Preservation Loan Fund Committee and an NCA Director, can be reached by email or by phone at 719-349-1346.

And, let's increase that fund! If each reader contributes $25 (or more) each year, the fund will continue to grow. Checks should be made out to National Carousel Association Loan Fund and sent to:

Jo Downey
PO Box 28
Stratton, Colorado 80836

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Carousel Support and Information: National Carousel Association

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