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C.W. Parker from Leavenworth
Image: 911 Tribute

1913 C.W. Parker (now restored) in Leavenworth, KS, on the Parker carousel at the C.W.Parker Carousel Museum. This horse is considered the lead horse on the carousel. It has a Kansas sunflower on the chest, and an ear of corn carved behind the saddle -- a Parker trademark.
Parker, Flint, MI
1912 C.W.Parker from Flint, MI.
Gustav Dentzel Lion The Lion is an early 1900 vintage Gustav Dentzel, in a private collection.
Parker from Waterloo, WI
Waterloo, WI -- Another C.W. Parker
dated 1911, and one of the first carousels
manufactured in Leavenworth, KS.
Dentzel from Raleigh, NC
1912 William Dentzel from Pullen
Park, Raleigh, NC. This was an old
style of carving that originated
before 1900, and used continually
through most of the Dentzel history
Crossroads Village, Fint, MI
Crossroads Village, Flint, MI.
PTC #44 Doswell, VA
From PTC #44 in King's Dominion,
Doswell, VA.
(Philadelphia Toboggan Company)
Charles Carmel figure
Carved by Charles Carmel,
this figure now in a private
collection was probably carved
about 1914, during WWI.

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