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Membership in the National Carousel Association

Membership in the NCA:
Sharing a love of Classic Wooden Carousels

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The National Carousel Association was founded in the fall of 1973 in Sandwich, Massachusetts, by a group of nearly 100 people who shared a common love of the wooden hand-carved carousel. From that occasion there has developed an organization of more than 500 members from the U.S. and Canada.

Now well established, the NCA is devoted to promoting the appreciation, conservation and enjoyment of the art of the classic carousel. Primary goals include protecting operating carousels still in existence, providing restoration and historical information, and promoting awareness of this unique art form. Programs with museums and contacts with operators of working carousels have encouraged preservation of fine old machines. Numerous carousels have been designated as National Historic Sites and several have been named National Historic Landmarks through the efforts of individuals and the NCA. Partial funding for many of these carousel preservation projects has been from grants made available through the NCA's Preservation Fund.

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NCA members have been involved in the preservation and restoration of such carousels as those at Santa Monica Pier, California; Hartford, Connecticut; Forest Park, Queens, New York; Rexburg, Idaho; Burlington, Colorado; Portland, Oregon and New Philadelphia, Ohio to name just a few.

Members' interests and backgrounds range from carousel owners and operators to park owners, professional restorers, artists, photographers, band organ buffs and people who just love to ride and admire merry-go-rounds.

Every year in late summer or early fall, 200-300 National Carousel Association members gather for the annual convention. The site of this four to five day fun-filled event is different from year to year to allow members to not only admire and ride as many different carousels as possible, but to offer an opportunity for carousel enthusiasts to tour different regions of the United States and Canada. Information on the annual convention is mailed three months in advance to allow ample time to make travel arrangements and/or to schedule a mini-vacation on either side of the convention.

Conventions in past years have been as far north as Sandwich, MA and Burnaby, B.C., and as far west as San Diego, California. NCA members have traveled to Atlantic City, New Jersey and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Members have visited and supported the restoration of carousels from Sandusky, Ohio to the mountains of Colorado. On the closing night of the convention, a banquet and an auction are held with all proceeds going to the National Carousel Association's Preservation Fund.

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A subscription to our quarterly publication, the Merry-Go-Roundup, is included with every membership.

Memberships are based on the calendar year (January through December) with members receiving all publications for that year, regardless of the month in which they join.

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Join the NCA online using your credit card or PayPal account, or print our membership and contribution form to send through the U.S. mail with your payment.

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