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The NCA Photo Show Project

Carousels represent a very unique form of art. Each carousel, its figures, its band organ and the other components which make up the carousel carries its own unique form of beauty.

But unlike other art forms, carousels can be experienced first hand. For the price of admission, even the most precious antique carousels can be examined, touched and even ridden, even though they may be well over 100 years old.

Of course, none of us can visit every carousel in the country. But wouldn't it be nice if we could sit at our computers and click up a set of pictures for a good percentage of them? That's the goal of the NCA Photo Show Project!

  How does it work?  

We've put together an online application to allow non-technical users to put together their own photo shows. After collecting a set of pictures (in digital format) and some interesting facts about a carousel, it's just a matter of choosing the pictures to use in the photo show, and filling in the blanks with the requested information.

  It can't be that easy, can it?  

We think that anyone who is able to locate a set of pictures on their computer should be able to turn them into a photo show in a few hours. In fact, it will usually take more time to locate the pictures and information for a photo show than it will take to create it, even for someone who has never created a Web page before.

  How can I get a set of pictures for a show?  

If you're taking pictures with a digital camera, they're probably already in jpeg format, which is the format required for a photo show.

If you'll be creating a photo show from a set of photographs, they will need to be scanned to make the digital pictures that you'll need for the show.

If you already have the pictures in a digital format other than jpeg, we'll be happy to help you get them converted.

  But pictures from my digital camera are always too big or sideways  

When you send pictures to the NCA Photo Show, they're automatically resized to an appropriate viewing size for the Web. This allows you to use high resolution pictures directly from your digital camera or scanner which may be too large to be displayed in a Web page. And even though the pictures may be reduced for display on the Web, we'll keep the original, high-resolution images in the NCA archives!

You'll also be able to fix pictures which are sideways or upside-down by simply clicking a checkbox in the NCA Photo Show application. And if you decide not to use a picture after you send it, or if you'd like to change the order in which the pictures are displayed, that can all be done online too!

  Which carousels qualify for a Photo Show?  

In keeping with the underlying theme of the NCA, the emphasis of our photo show project is to promote classic carousels, primarily the wooden and metal carousels made before 1960. If you have a set of pictures for a newer carousel or for some other carousel related topic which you feel would add value to our Web site, click here to email us. Include a description of the carousel or topic for which you'd like to create a photo show, and we'll consider it for inclusion on our site. Click here to read our NCA Photo Show Policy.

  How do I get started?  

To get started with a photo show, email us by clicking here. Include your name and a description of the carousel for which you'd like to create a show.

You'll be given the address for a Web page that you'll use to create your show. When you load that page in your Web browser, you'll be guided through the process of creating the show. When you're done, send another email message to let us know. We'll look over your show, do some light editing on the grammar if necessary, brighten or clarify any pictures which will benefit from some digital enhancement, and post your show on the NCA site.

A link to your show will be added to this NCA Photo Show page. And in the near future, we'll be improving our census pages, so that we'll be able to add a link from your carousel's census entry to your slide show!

  What if I get stuck?  

If you're having problems creating your show, click here to email us, and we'll work with you to help you complete your show.

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