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Glen, NH
Carousel Class:Classic Wood Carousel
Last Update:2019
Model:Springer Track Machine
Year Built:1900s
Type:3 rows, Portable, Track, All Wood composition
Figures:36 Jumping Horses, 2 chariots
Music:No Band Organ:
Comments:Originally built as portable machine with a wagon mounted center. The carousel rotates clockwise and features individual spring mounted horses.
History:Original Location Unknown, Barvaria, 1900s to ?
Canadian National Expo, Toronto, ON, 1965 to 1967
Storyland, Glen, NH, 1967 to present
Directions/Hours:Located on Rt. 16, 6 miles North of North Conway, NH (3 hours North of Boston). Please visit the website or call for days and hours of operation.
Mailing Address:Rte 16, Box 1776, Glen, NH, 03838
Carousel Support and Information: National Carousel Association

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