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Ivory Fendersonís Steam Riding Gallery
19th Century Curran Village
Orrington, ME
Carousel Name:Ivory Fendersonís Steam Riding Gallery
Park:19th Century Curran Village
Carousel Class:Classic Wood Carousel
Last Update:2021
Year Built:1896
Type:2 rows, Portable, Track, All Wood composition
Figures:24 Jumping Horses, 4 chariots
Music:Band Organ: Limonaire organ
Comments:This carousel is one of the more complete Armitage-Herschell machines in existence. Orig. steam boiler, engine & ticket booth. Organ with carved figure turning crank. Carousel can only be ridden during selected days throughout the season.
History:Ivory Fenderson traveling carousel, Saco, ME, 1896 to 1921
storage, Saco, ME, 1922 to 1977
Willowbrook Village / Curran Villages, Newfield, ME, 1977 to 2019
Curran Village, Orrington, ME, 2019 to present
Directions/Hours:372 Fields Pond Road, Orrington, MR 94474. Scheduled to reopen in 2022.
Mailing Address:P.O. Box 107, Orrington, ME, 04474
Carousel Support and Information: National Carousel Association

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