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Eldridge Park
Elmira, NY
Park:Eldridge Park
Description:Antique Frame/New Figures/Looff/Carmel
Carousel Class:New Wood Carousel
Last Update:2021
Year Built:1890s - 2006
Type:3 rows, Park, All Wood composition
Figures:22 Jumping Horses, 24 Standing Horses, 10 Menagerie Animals (VARIOUS), 2 chariots
Music:No Band Organ:
Notes:Operational Ring Arm
Comments:The carousel reopened 5-2006. The Eldridge Park Carousel Preservation Society restored the carousel w/newly carved animals, and an antique Looff and Carmel figure. The Looff is original to the carousel. The carousel was built in the 1890s.
History:Original Location Unknown, Date Unknown to Unknown
Eldridge Park, Elmira, NY, 1924 to 1989
Storage, Elmira, NY, 1989 to 2002
Eldridge Park, Elmira, NY, 2002 to present
Directions/Hours:Visit the website for directions. Hours of operation. Friday 5-9, Saturday 12-9, Sunday 12-9 Memorial Day through Labor Day Weekend, Thursdays 5-9 starting end of June.
Mailing Address:PO Box 3056, Elmira, NY, 14901
Carousel Support and Information: National Carousel Association

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