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Silverwood Theme Park
Athol, ID
Park:Silverwood Theme Park
Description:Allan Herschell
Carousel Class:Classic Metal Carousel
Last Update:2020
Year Built:1950s
Type:3 rows, Portable, Metal composition
Figures:24 Jumping Horses, 16 Standing Horses, 4 chariots
Music:No Band Organ:
Comments:Outside row does not jump. During operation at Fantasy Farm Hyen figures originally from a German machine at Riverside Park populated the platform. These figures were replaced with AH metal horses.
History:Original Location Unknown, Date Unknown to Unknown
Riverside Amusement Park, Indianapolis, IN, 1950s to 1970
Storage, Indianapolis, IN, 1970 to 1972
Fantasy Farm, Middletown, OH, 1972 to 1991
Silverwood Theme Park, Athol, ID, 1991 to present
Directions/Hours:Silverwood Theme Park is located just 15 minutes north of Coeur d'Alene on Highway 95. Contact park for hours of operation.
Mailing Address:27843 N. Hwy 95, Athol, ID, 83801
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