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Speedwell Foundation Conservation Carousel
National Zoo
District of Columbia
Carousel Name:Speedwell Foundation Conservation Carousel
Park:National Zoo
Description:Carousel Works
Carousel Class:New Wood Carousel
Last Update:2019
Year Built:2012
Type:4 rows, Park, All Wood composition
Figures:56 Menagerie Animals (VARIOUS), 2 chariots
Music:No Band Organ:
Notes: Still in original location
Comments:This 4-abreast carousel is solar-powered. Unusual figures on the carousel include a naked mole rat, giant pandas, Komodo dragons and other animals featured at the zoo.
History:National Zoo, District of Columbia, 2012 to present
Directions/Hours:Open every day except Dec. 25th. Contact zoo for directions and hours of operation.
Mailing Address:P.O. Box 37012 MRC, District of Columbia, 20018
Carousel Support and Information: National Carousel Association

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