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Australian Carousels

Here are some carousels from our friends in Australia!

This carousel at the Melbourne Zoo in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia features a variety of horses, and has the original steam engine still on display at the carousel!

This carousel at Waterfront Place in the town of The Entrance, New South Wales was built in the late 1800s, and features a mixture of American Dare and Australian Roebuck horses.

The Semaphore Beach Carousel is a unique, Australian made ride. The 40 horses were made by Robert Bartlett in Melbourne, and are all hand carved.

The Luna Park photo show features horses from John and Arthur Anderson in Sydney, Australia.

This c.1914 carousel in Canberra, Australia was made by Herbert Thomson of Armadale, Victoria, for German showman Anton Weniger. It features four rows of four abreast horses along with two elephant carriages.

The Darling Harbour photo show features a carousel in Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia. The horses were manufactured c. 1885 by G & J Lines and Co in London.

This photo show is of a 1892 Herschell-Spillman carousel that found its way to Australia. The carousel features 36 original horses and a Herschell-Spillman steam engine.

PTC #30, Luna Park, Melbourne, Australia

This PTC carousel is the only PTC that was exported outside the United States. The photo show includes some black and white photos of the horses taken in 1913, as well as current color photos of the same horses!

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