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Carousel Books and Publications

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Entries marked with an asterisk (*) are specially recommended



*A Pictorial History of the Carousel - Frederick Fried
*Painted Ponies - Marianne Stevens, William Manns et al 1986
*Fairground Art- Geoff Weedon 1985
Carousel Horses, A Photographic Celebration; Sherrell S Anderson
Art of the Carousel - Charlotte Dinger 1983
Grab the Brass Ring - Anne Hinds 1990


*Smithsonian Magazine - article by Barbara Charles, July 1972
*The American Carousel - Nina Fraley - 1979
Introduction to the Carousel - Maurice Fraley 1987
Carousel Animals, Artistry in Motion- Tobin Fraley 2002
Great American Carousel - Tobin Fraley 1995
The Carousel Animal - Tobin Fraley 1984
The Carousel Keepers- Carrie Papa 1998
*Vintage Funfairs- Brian Steptoe 2002

Carvers and Companies

*C.W. Parker, The Carnival King - Bob Goldsack 2011
The Magical Merry-Go-Round- C. W. Parker- C. W. Parker Carousel Museum
*PTC Carousels - Richard Gardner 2012
*Celebrating North Tonawanda Carousel Animals- Herschell Carousel Factory Museum-2002
*The Carousels of the Philadelphia Toboggan Company - Charles Jacques - 1984
Allan Herschell and the Tonawanda Machine - Diane Raines

Specific Carousels

*The Flying Horses, Southern California Carousels - National Carousel Association/Barbara Williams1979
*Merry-Go-Roundup, National Carousel Association - Santa Monica Issue
*Merry-Go-Roundup, National Carousel Association - Please Touch Museum Issue
The Last Carousel, City Park, New Orleans - Kathleen Barach
A Carousel is Magic, Parker #119 (Burnaby) - Annie Boulanger
Boulder Amusement Park - Cyndy Hanks- 2003
Abilene's Carousel - Cecilia Harris
Philadelphia Tobboggan Company Carousel #6 - Hawkins/Tranton 2011
Philadelphia Toboggan Company Carousel #6 (Photos) 2011 - Hawkins/Trantow
The Mesker Park Carousel - Marion Lantaff 1981
*Treasures From the Golden Age - East Coast Carousels- Eric Pahlke - 2013
*Treasures From the Golden Age - West Coast Carousels- Eric Pahlke - 2010
Oaks Park Pentimento - Jim Lommasson 2009
Carousels of Coney Island - Rol Summit

Carving Painting and Restoring Carousel Horses

Carousel Animal Carving Patterns and Techniques - Bud Ellis
Carving Carousel Horses, Country Fair Style - Jerry Reinhardt 1996
Paint the Ponies - Bette Largent
Restoring the Glen Echo Park Carousel - Deborah Lange

Amusement Park and Related

*The Outdoor Amusement Industry - W. Mangels 1952
*Carnival - Arthur H. Lewis 1970
The Amusement Park Guide - Tim O'Brien

Organs and Music

*The American Carousel Organ, An Illustrated Encyclopedia - Ron Bopp
*Encyclopedia of Automatic Musical Instruments - Q. David Bowers
*Waldkirch Street and Fairground Organs, translated from German by Andrew Pilmer

Outside the USA

*Some Notes On the Development of Fairground Machinery - P.W. Bradley 1997
*Savage of King's Lynn - David Braithwaite 1975
*Fairground Architecture - David Braithwaite 1976
John Carter's Jubilee Steam Gallopers - Paul Braithwaite 1995
*Thomas Walker, Steam Roundabouts - Graham Downie & John Middlemiss- 2008
*Gallopers - Smith, Smith, Scrivens (Fairground Heritage) - 2013
*Maneges d'Autrefois - Zeev Gourarier 1991 (in French)
*La Fantastique Epopee des Carousels Salons - Marc Grodwahl 1991 (in French)
Hugo Haase- Karussellkonig aus Winsen - Darijana Hahn 2007 (in German)
*L'art Forain, Les Animaux de Manege - Fabienne & Francois Marchal 2002 (in French)
Luna Park (Australia) -Sam Marshall 1995
*The Rocking Horse - Patricia Mullins 1992 (Australian Carousels)
*La Fete Foraine d"Autrefois - Christianne Py & Cecile Ferenczi 1987
Wie Alles Begann; Margrit Ramus 2004 (in German)
Das Carrousel- Museum Schloss Burgk 1992 (in German)
Jump On, Jump On - Brian Steptoe - 1994
Roundabout People- Brian Steptoe- 1998
*British Fairgrounds - Susanne Thackray 1993
Stoom Carrousels - Hennie Van Oers 2012 (in Dutch)
*Der Pemperlprater - Constanze Wimmer 2004 (in German) The oldest operating carousel

A Sample of Books on Amusement Parks and Locations

Cedar Point, Queen of Watering Places - D. W. Francis 1995
Cincinnati's Coney Island - Charles Jacques- 2002
Conneaut Lake Park, First 100 years - Lee Bush 1992
Coney Island Lost and Found - Charles Denson 2002
*Good Old Coney Island - Edo McCullough 2000
The Elitch Story- Jack Gurtler and Corinne Hunt
*Hershey Park - Charles Jacques 1997
Idora Park - Charles Jacques 1999
*Kennywood - Charles Jacques 1982
Midway Park (NY) - Ron Gustavson 1996
A Carousel for Missoula, Sherry Devlin et. al.
*New England Amusement Parks - Bob Goldsack 1993
*New Jersey; Early South Jersey Amusement Parks - Shirley Bailey 1979
Ohio's Amusement Parks - David/Diane Francis- 2002
*Palisades Amusement Park - Vince Gargiulo - 1995
Amusement Parks of Pennsylvania - Jim Futrell 2002
Memories of Revere Beach - Peter McCauley 1989
Revere Beach, A Last Look. Peter McCauley 1987
Rhode Island Amusement Parks - Lewis and Young 1998
*Roseland Playground of the Finger Lakes - McCurdy & Farnham- 2007
Santa Monica Pier , a History… - Jeff Stanton
Venice California’s Coney Island… - Jeff Stanton
*West View Park, Goodbye - Charles Jacques 1985
Selected Issues from Arcadia Publishing series on Amusement Parks


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