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2015 Convention

Galloping Along the Coast

Our 2015 convention, Galloping Along the Coast was headquarted in Hampton, VA. It was another great convention with lots to see and do. Here are some photo highlights, courtesy of John Caruso!

And for a nice video presentation of the convention activities, see this YouTube video courtesy of Cathy and Chuck Crawford.

NCA Conventioneers posing for a group photo at Hampton

Fran and Ken Novakoff having fun at PTC 50

Daniel Robinson
Merry-Go-Roundup Editor on PTC 50

PTC 50 carousel building at night

Vickie and Ann Stauffer on PTC 50

Ladies enjoying a night ride on PTC 50

Brooks Trimper and Marcia Schlick
receiving an NCA preservation award plaque
from NCA president Bette Largent

Wanda Miller and Marilyn Chesnutt
on a rooster and frog at Trimper's

John Caruso and Paula Myers on a
beautiful arte noveau chariot at Trimper's

Mangels kiddie carousel, Trimper's

NCA Conservation Chairman Tommy Forney at Pullen Park

Waiting to ride the Dentzel carousel at Pullen Park

Monica Denham on Dentzel cat at Pullen Park

Bette Largent and Noel Hinde in a rare Dentzel three-bench
Dentzel chariot at Pullen Park

Dave and Marcia Stark in chariot on AH carousel at Chavis Park

NCA Vice President Vickie Stauffer
on the Allan Herschell carousel
Chavis Park

Waiting to get into King's Dominion to ride PTC 44

Reno Hutchison riding a flag horse on PTC 44

Kurri and Jeff Lewis, with
Billie Noren photobombing on the bus

At the banquet in Hampton

This quilt by Margaret Franklin (left) was the
big item at the 2015 auction.
The quilt is being displayed by Cathy and Chuck Crawford.

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