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The NCA Census of Lost North American Carousels

From the NCA Census Chairman

The goal of the NCA Census of Lost North American Carousels is to establish detail history for each carousel manufactured in the U.S. Using a systematic research approach including historical documentation, photographs, and knowledgeable judgment we look forward to accomplishing this goal.

Lost Carousel
This c. 1920s Allan Herschell three row carousel may
have once operated in the Buffalo, NY area.
From the Patrick Wentzel Collection
Ideally each entry in our lost carousel database will represent a unique carousel. As the number of entries increases, there will likely be duplicates for the same carousel. Questions and confusion will arise for many carousels that were converted and rebuilt where no records exist. The lack of documentation for a carousel when it changed owners and when amusement parks changed names will also complicate the process. Lost carnival carousels offer a special set of challenges. Because of lack of differences in details of portable carousels and continued update by their owners, precise identification can be difficult even with photographs.

Hopefully the utilization of the database along with diligent research will help the history of lost carousels sort out. What I don't want to happen is for the lost census to become a repository for obscure entries of carousels with little or no documentation. For the lost census to be valuable each database entry must have good supporting documentation.

To submit a carousel to the lost census you will need to request a census data form. The form should be completed to the best of your knowledge and returned to me. When submitting an entry to the lost census, please include as much supporting historical documentation as possible. Photos are requested if they are available. A minor piece of trivia can often yield much information to another researcher. Each entry will be reviewed before being included in the census.

Please take a look at the menu for current query options. Let me know how this works and if this format provides the information you seek. The number of database entries is limited at this time. Please take a few minutes to review the data to get a feel for what we are trying to present. Historic photos of lost carousel may be included in the future.

I appreciate and encourage comments, questions, additions and updates for both the lost and operating carousel census.

If you have any questions about the census or carousels in general please feel free to contact the
Census Chairman
or the NCA.

Patrick Wentzel

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