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Dr. Floyd L. Moreland Carousel at Casino Pier
The Lion

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Date of picture: July 2004
A side view of the magnificent Dentzel lion, sponsored by the principal and the football team of a nearby high school. The black Looff jumper seen behind the lion in the background is one of the last clearly definable figures on the machine in "park paint."

It will be slightly discernible that the horse in front of the lion, "Lillian," and the other two jumpers in that row were painted (correctly) with essentially the same body colors, with major variations in the trappings and decorative elements. One other row of three (palominos) was also done this way, which, if applied throughout, would create a kaleidoscopic effect as the carousel turned.

It was our intent to use this scheme as a guiding element throughout our renovation of the carousel, but the sponsorship program and the sporadic availability of funds made it impossible to reach that goal.
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