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Dr. Floyd L. Moreland Carousel at Casino Pier
Seaside Heights' First Carousel

National Carousel Association Logo © Dr. Floyd L. Moreland
Date of picture: early 1900s
Although not of our carousel building, but of one seven blocks south of us, this VERY early photo (circa 1917) shows the courage of developers to build a carousel on the water's edge in the early part of the 20th century. The Freeman's Carousel (pictured), and the Casino carousel that was erected about 20 years later seven blocks north on the oceanfront, gave shape to the development of a thriving seaside resort on a barrier island one mile long, four blocks wide, on the New Jersey coast.

At a time in history when no one found oceanfront property attractive (it coudn't be farmed, it could produce nothing, it was quite useless), the foresight of visionary investors is remarkable and the focus on carousels as a magnet for future recreational development is part of the rich history of the American carousel.
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