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Lights! CAMERA! CAROUSELS!! . . . aa-nnd -ACTION!!!

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RECOGNIZE television and movies through a
kaleidoscope of So Cal. Carousel Stars!

Beginning September 13, and running through September 17, 2017, from our stage near the world famous Los Angeles International Airport, the National Carousel Association will explore legendary carousels and places of Southern California.

Join us in meeting the BIGGEST Stars in Hollywood!! AND EXPERIENCE:

ROMANCE! Balboa Park's 1910 Herschell-Spillman Carousel with an operating ring machine

Frogs, dogs, cats, donkeys, roosters, ostriches, stork, goat, pigs, giraffe (with teeth), zebras, lion, tiger, camel, deer, sea monster, armored, flag and more; amazing steeds on this whirling zoo next to the zoo.

OSCAR WINNER! The Santa Monica Pier 1922 Philadelphia Toboggan Company Carousel

Famous for The Sting, The Net, Night Tide and more. Visit the restricted upstairs for an uncommon carousel perspective, exclusively for us. View the century-old national landmark pier built by Looff.

WESTERN! The Knott's Berry Farm 1902 Gustav Dentzel Carousel

Start the day with fried chicken, boysenberry jam and more at Knott's Berry Farm; yum!! Oh, and there's an antique menagerie carousel too … Do you like cats? Bunnies? Honey bears? Leaping zebras?

FANTASY! The LA Zoo & Botanical Gardens Tom Mankiewicz Conservation Carousel, 2011 Carousel Works

64 hand-carved figures with many endangered species; Sumatran Tiger, mountain tapir, Silverback Gorilla, honeybee, Channel Island Fox, unicorn~even imagination can become extinct~and a skunk. The latter a nod to the many, cute skunks happily living as freeloaders at the zoo.

HISTORICAL EPIC! The 1927 Spillman Engineering Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round

Study the carousel that has stood in for NYC, Washington DC, Bulgaria, and oodles of murder mystery locations … however your lunch will be All-American here at the carousel that inspired Walt Disney.

THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES! Long Beach Carousel at the Pike, 1920 Spillman Engineering

Learn about Looff's legacy in Long Beach and the silent film capital where Hollywood almost was!

SOON TO BE A MEMORY!!The Seaport Village Historic 1895 Looff Carousel

Visit one of the two rare Looff teddy bears seen during this convention! Lunch at the most popular destination in San Diego. It will all be gone this time next year. See it while you can!!

SCI-FI! Griffith Observatory Grounds with magnificent views of LA and the Hollywood sign A CAST OF HUNDREDS!! Somewhere near 400 to be exact!

If there is a Carousel Central Casting, Lourinda Bray's Running Horse Studio is that place. You may never see SO many animals, or take SO many selfies at one place in your life --EVER-- again …

A MOST Exclusive visit! At home with cognoscenti carousel celebrities, Rol & Jo Summit among their exquisite, world famous carousel steeds and fantastical beasts including the widely-copied Looff crusader and Illions flying mane pacer, plus others of the most famous carousel creatures in the world!

And we haven't begun to talk about all of the other fun planned to be had! However, if unable to come, note on the registration form that logo t-shirts, and even a Saturday only event are available separately.

Decide ~before it is a WRAP! See the 2017 NCA Convention Registration Form for more details. Click Now!

To register for the convention, click on the link above to display the registration form, print the form, fill in the information, and send it to the address shown on the form.

If you have questions about our convention, please send email to the 2017 NCA Convention Committee

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