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Information about the NCA

What's New on our Site
Find out what's new in our organization and on our site

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Email addresses for contacting the NCA

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A Listing of Recommended Carousel Books and Publications

Carvers and Builders
Coney Island Style
Coney Island Style - The first article in a three part series about carousel styles.

Philadelphia Style
Philadelphia style - The second article in a three part series about carousel styles.

Country Fair Style
Country Fair Style - The last article in a three part series about carousel styles.

Technical Conferences
Technical Conferences
Technical Conference Information

2011 Tech Conference
Summary of the 2011 technical conference in Pasadena, CA

2009 Tech Conference
Information about the 2009 technical conference in Sandusky, OH

2008 Tech Conference
Information about the 2008 technical conference

2014 Convention
Convention Home
The home page for our 2014 convention

Hotel Information
Information about the Hilton Long Island / Huntington Hotel

Registration information and form

Information about getting to the convention

Pre and post-convention tour information

The schedule of events for our 2014 convention

Tech Day
Information on the NCA tech day before the convention

Roundabout faire information

Fun Facts
Fun Facts about Long Island

2013 Convention
Pictures from the 2013 convention in Leavenworth, Kansas

2012 Convention
Pictures from the 2012 convention in St. Joseph, MI

2011 Convention
Information about the 2011 Convention in Denver, CO

2010 Convention
Pictures from the 2010 convention in Spokane, WA

2009 Convention
Information about the 2009 Convention in Philadelphia, PA

2008 Convention
Information about the 2008 Convention

2007 Convention
Recap of the 2007 NCA convention

Identification Project
Identify a Figure
Find out how to have your carousel figure or item identified

Identification Projects
A list of past identification projects, complete with pictures

Links to carousel related sites on the Web

NCA Primitive Carousel
Primitive Carousel Part 1
Part one of a two part article on our primitive carousel

Primitive Carousel Part 2
Part two of a two part article on our primitive carousel

Programs and Projects
A description of the projects and programs provided by the NCA

Technical Assistance
Technical information and assistance is available from the NCA

The NCA Grant Program
List of Grants
A list of carousels that have received NCA grants

Grant Application Form
A form to be used when requesting a grant from the NCA

Marketing Ideas
Ideas for increasing revenue at your carousel



The NCA Census
Our Census contains information on Classic Carousels in operation in North America

Awards/Special Features
Carousels which have received various types of awards or have special features

Census Map
Maps showing the location of all U.S. Carousels

N.A. Carousel Index
An abbreviated listing of all operating carousels in our database, sorted by state

Photo Shows by State
Carousels in our census which have NCA Photo Shows, sorted by state

Interesting facts about carousels

Query our Database
Build your own query to locate carousels in our census database

Classic Wood
All classic wood carousels in our census database

Classic Metal
All classic metal carousels in our database

New Wood
All new wood carousels in our database

Classic Wood (cond)
All classic wood carousels in our census database in condensed format

Classic Metal (cond)
All classic metal carousels in our database in condensed format

New Wood (cond)
All new wood carousels in our database in condensed format

Lost N.A. Census
The NCA Lost Census
An introduction to The NCA Census of Lost North American Carousels

Lost Census Query
Query our census of lost carousels

Lost Wood Carousels
Display all wood carousels in our lost carousel database

Lost Metal Carousels
Display all metal carousels in our lost carousel database



Photo Show Project
Photo Shows
A large collection of carousel photos from around the country

Photo Show Project
A list of our photo shows, with the most recent shows at the top of the list

Photo Show Policy
Our policy concerning our online Photo Show Project

European Carousels
Pictures of European Carousels

Australian Carousels
Pictures of Australian Carousels

Flag Horses
Flag Horses (part 1)
The first page of a two-part article on United States flag figures

Flag Horses (part 2)
The second part of our Flag Horse article



Archive and Music Info
Information about our Archives, and a collection of Band Organ Tunes

The NCA Archives
An overview of the NCA archives in Leavenworth, Kansas

Archived Web Pages
Web pages previously posted on our website


Gift Shop

The NCA Gift Shop
Visit the NCA store to see what's available

Miniature Collection
Miniature Collection
A collection of miniature carousel figures available for purchase

Flower Draped Jumper
A PTC style jumper with flowers

The Parrot Horse
A Looff horse with a parrot behind its saddle

The Gypsy Queen
The Gypsy Queen is a Dentzel style stander

A replica of a Charles Carmel stander

PTC Hippocampus
A Hippocampus (part horse and part fish)

A miniature patterned after a Charles Looff stander built in 1895

The Tassel Horse
A miniature of a stander from PTC #47

Lillie Belle
Lillie Belle is a flying mane horse from Charles Parker

Gustav Dentzel Lion
A little lion, patterned after a Dentzel lion made in 1900

Trojan Jumper
A model of a 1916 jumper made by Allan Herschell

Dappled Rose Jumper
This juper is a miniature of a Stein and Goldstein horse

Illions Armored Jumper
Patterned after an M. C. Illions jumper that's now in the Columbus, Ohio zoo



Our quarterly publication, available only with an NCA membership

Make a Submission
Make an online submission to the Merry-Go-Roundup

Index of Articles
An index into past Merry-Go-Roundup issues

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