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Welcome to the National Carousel Association!

Since 1973 the National Carousel Association has been working to keep America's remaining carousels in operation. Through a wide range of programs and projects, the NCA has participated in the restoration and preservation of many of the antique carousels in operation in our country today.

Want to help ensure that these carousels will be around for your children and grandchildren? Join the National Carousel Association today! And now you can join the National Carousel Association online using your credit card or PayPal account!
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The 2016 National Carousel Convention

We're already planning our 2016 convention. The Lake Erie Carousel Circle Tour will be centered in Cleveland, Ohio on September 21 through 25, 2016. For a look at the currently planned activies, see our 2016 Convention Page!

The 2015 National Carousel Convention

Another convention has come and gone. This year's convention was headquartered in Hampton, VA.

For a nice presentation of the convention activities, see this YouTube video couresy of Cathy and Chuck Crawford. We'll have a recap of the convention activities online soon, be sure to check back to see the great time that was enjoyed by our conventioneers!

Carousel of the Month - February 2016

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New figures on a c.1895 Dentzel frame
Coolidge Park
Chattanooga, TN
Photo courtesy of Bette Sue Gray

Our featured carousel for February is the carousel at Coolidge Park in Chattanooga, TN.

This community project carousel was built on a c.1895 Dentzel frame, and features a menagerie of 52 newly carved wooden figures from frogs to dinosaurs!

Check the Coolidge Park Website for hours of operation, and make a visit soon!.

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We have also added separate maps for our individual carousel classes:

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We're excited to announce changes to our website to support mobile devices! Visitors to our website who are using mobile devices will be directed to the mobile website, while desktop users will continue to see our desktop site. A new panel at the bottom of every page will provide a selection to switch between these websites.

The mobile website is also great for those who have trouble with smaller fonts. So give it a try today. And please don't hesitate to report any problem that you find to our webmaster.
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The 2014 Convention

The 2014 convention and technical conference has come and gone! This convention in New York visited 11 carousels in 4 days.

Jane's Carousel was one of 11 carousels
visited during the 2014 NCA convention

Special thanks go out to convention coordinators Bill and Rita Sharkey and Don Largent for putting together a convention that came together seamlessly for 210 attendees!

Pictures from the convention are now available, Have a look!

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