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Since 1973 the National Carousel Association has been working to keep America's remaining carousels in operation. Through a wide range of programs and projects, the NCA has participated in the restoration and preservation of many of the antique carousels in operation in our country today.

Want to help ensure that these carousels will be around for your children and grandchildren? Join the National Carousel Association today!
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The 2014 Convention
We're excited about our 2014 NCA Convention, to be held September 17th through September 21st in one of the most significant historical carousel cities in North America, New York City / Long Island, New York.

Pre & Post Convention tours are also planned along with a Tech Day workshop on September 17th. Details for the 2014 Convention are being added weekly. Visit our 2014 Convention Home Page to begin your New York Carousel Rhapsody convention tour.

What's up at the NCA?

The 2013 Convention
Our 2013 convention has now come and gone. We all had a great time visiting carousels and sightseeing in the Leavenworth, Kansas area. Take a look at some pictures from our convention!

The convention was over all too soon, but as they say There's No Place Like Home!

NCA Board Members at Saturday's banquet
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Carousel of the Month - April 2014

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1910 D.C. Muller
Forest Park
Queens, NY
Photo courtesy of Jean Bennett

The carousel of the month for April is this 104 year old D.C. Muller carousel in Queens, NY. This carousel was recently designated as Landmark by the City of New York! Not only that, it's also one of the stops on our 2014 National Carousel Convention in September!

This carousel is one of only two D.C. Muller Bros carousels still in operation. It was restored in 1989, and features an A. Ruth & Sohn band organ along with 49 horses, 3 menagerie animals, and two chariots.

Be sure to check out the list of carousels that we'll be visiting during our 2014 convention, this convention will definitly be one that you won't want to miss!

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