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The NCA Photo Show Project Presents:
The 2002 Carousels and Carvings/Roth Carousel at
Great Northern Town Center
Helena, MT
Photo show courtesy of Gary Nance
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A palace of a building for the Painted Pony Ice Cream and Great Northern Carousel
Rounding Board featuring the Great Northern Carousel logo.
Capitol Building located in Helena also featured.
Irridescent glass panels reflect the Montana Big Sky Country.
Armored Horses are traditional favorites on carousels.
Frog eyeing the elusive butterfly.
The painter calls this one "Gypsy" because of its colorful bejeweled trappings.
Indian Pony with pelt saddle.
Otters often swim on their backs.
Buffy, the buff buffalo.
Kissing Prairie Dogs
Native American Warrior
Ceremonial pipe and Shield
A tucked head style military  figure with sword .
Chariot or bench and Flag Horse
Lots of Jewels on the "trappings".
Rabbit, one of a Hare pair.
The Grizzly is  also the University of Montana mascot.
Palomino wild horse with pelt and quiver.
Two Horses and a Rabbit
Neptune and his sea horse.
A Looff style with a cottontail rabbit behind the cantle.
Bighorn Sheep often dot the Montana skylines.
Antelope, one of a pair, are  also known as  Pronghorns.
Sarah, the Triceratops
Pig,  aka "Porkasaurus"
Otter who is "looking back to see if you are looking back at me."
Cutthroat Trout with dragonfly, creel and tackle.
A Palomino called Trigger was made famous by Roy Rogers.
Fine Leather
Froggy went a'courting and he did ride.  Uh-huh.......
Spinning Lover's Tub
One of Two Bobcats
One of Two Bobcats
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Carousel Support and Information: National Carousel Association

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