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The NCA Technical Assistance Conferences

Tom Wolf, Todd Goings on top
Don't be surprised to see some hands-on activities at our technical conferences!
Meridian, Mississippi, 1994

The NCA has hosted technical conferences since 1988. Our conferences are now held every other year as a one-day event on the day before our convention. These conferences offer the old fashioned kind of one-on-one networking for those who are involved with the day-to-day operations of a carousel.

The agendas at our conferences cover a wide range of topics on carousel operation. Some common topics on the agenda are:

  • Mechanical Maintenance and Repair
  • Insurance
  • Preservation and Restoration
  • Gift Shop Operation
  • Fund Raising and Promotional Events
  • Safety
  • Publicity
  • Recruiting Volunteers

Our technical conferences are hosted all over the country, and there are always carousels available to examine, to ride, and sometimes to repair! Here are the locations of our previous and future technical conferences:

1988 - Kansas City, Missouri
1989 - Denver, Colorado
1990 - Raleigh, North Carolina
1991 - Indianapolis, Indiana
1992 - St. Louis, Missouri
1993 - St. Paul, Minnesota
1994 - Meridian, Miss.
1995 - Hampton, Virginia
1996 - Holyoke, Mass.
1997 - Portland, Oregon
1998 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
1999 - Missoula, Montana
2000 - San Diego, Calif.
2001 - Madison, Wisconsin
2002 - Spokane/Republic, Washington
2003 - Shelby, North Carolina
2004 - Salem, Oregon
2005 - Washington, D.C.
2006 - Leavenworth, Kansas
2007 - Salt Lake City, Utah
2008 - Story City, Iowa
2009 - Sandusky, Ohio
2010 - Spokane, Washington (at the convention)
2011 - Pasadena, California
2012 - Silver Beach, MI (at the convention)
2014 - Long Island, NY (at the convention)
2016 - Cleveland, OH (at the convention)

One-on-one networking is an important part of our technical conferences.
Washington DC, 2005

If you are involved in any aspect of carousel operation, you'll want to be at our next technical conference! For more information, contact:

National Carousel Association
c/o Bette Largent (Send email)
10009 N. Moore
Spokane, WA 99208

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