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NCA Conventions

Each year since the inception of the NCA in 1973 we have put together a carousel convention for our members. These fun-filled gatherings feature:

    The 2014 NCA Convention at
    Jane's Carousel

  • Visits to numerous carousels in the area surrounding the convention headquarters. The carousel visits include:
    • Transportation by bus from the convention headquarters hotel to the carousels and back
    • Meals on the road while traveling to the carousels, or at the carousel sites when possible
    • Fun fundraising activities while on the bus
    • Sightseeing stops while on the road
  • Informative presentations by the carousels owners and operators
  • Historical presentations
  • The NCA convention banquet
  • Our Roundabout Faire, where members and vendors offer carousel related items for sale
  • A fundraising auction that always includes lots of interesting carousel items and memorabilia. Proceeds from the auction go to the NCA preservation fund, from which grants to carousels are awarded.
  • A meeting of the NCA board members
  • A general membership meeting and farewell breakfast

During our 2013 convention in Kansas
we were greeted by the Good Witch of the North
when the tour took a surprise visit to the
Wizard of Oz museum!
Side trips and tours are often made available before and after our conventions to allow our members to do some sightseeing with old and new friends.

Every other year a technical assistance conference is hosted prior to our convention. Our technical assistance conferences are filled with presentations by carousel professionals, and are intended to offer carousel owners, operators, and anyone else who is interested in the operation of carousels an opportunity to network with others who are faced with the same day-to-day issues involved with carousel operation.

NCA Conventions
1973   Sandwich, MA.
1974   Flint, MI
1975   Cedar Point, OH
1976   Santa Clara, CA
1977   Atlantic City, NJ
1978   Sarasota, FL
1979   Santa Monica, CA
1980   Harrisburg, PA
1981   Cleveland, OH
1982   Portland, OR
1983   Providence, RI
1984   Denver - Burlington, CO
1985   Burlington - Raleigh, NC
1986   Lansing, MI
1987   Niagara Falls, NY
1988   Pittsburg, PA
1989   San Diego - Los Angeles, CA
1990   Queens, NY
1991   Sandusky, OH
1992   Hull, MA
1993   Binghamton, NY
1994   Denver, CO
1995   Seattle, WA
1996   Washington, DC
1997   Logansport, IN
1998   Burlington, NC
1999   Niagara Falls, NY
2000   Cleveland, OH
2001   Flint, MI
2002   Chattanooga, TN
2003   Binghamton, NY
2004   Bristol, CT
2005   Pittsburgh, PA
2006   St. Paul, MN
2007   Seattle, WA
2008   Memphis, TN
2009   Philadelphia, PA
2010   Spokane & Montana
2011   Denver, CO
2012   Silver Beach, MI
2013   Leavenworth, KS
2014   New York City / Long Island, NY
2015   Hampton, VA
2016   Cleveland, OH
2017   Los Angeles, CA
2018   New England Carousel Revolution
2019   Washington, DC
2020   Cancelled because of the pandemic
2021   Rochester, NY
2022   San Francisco, CA

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Carousel Support and Information: National Carousel Association

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