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What's New?

  • May, 2024

    Our 2024 Convention Registration Form is Available Now!

  • November, 2023

    We are excited about a new feature on our website, the Merry-Go-Roundup Online! Every issue of our quarterly publication, the Merry-Go-Roundup is available to our members for online viewing!

    Researchers and historians will love the provided search feature, allowing text searches through 50 years of Merry-Go-Roundup with results typically returned in sub-second time!

    Members will receive a username and password for accessing this new feature along with their 2024 membership cards, which are expected to be delivered to our members in early November.

    More information is available on our Merry-Go_Roundup Online web page.

  • December, 2022

    Preliminary information about our upcoming 2023 NCA Convention is Available Now!

  • October, 2022

    Pictures from the 2022 NCA Convention in San Francisco, CA are Available Now!

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Carousel Support and Information: National Carousel Association

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